How Do I Prepare For Rehab? 



When going to a rehabilitation center in Abu Dhabi, you might wonder, “How do I prepare?” There are several things you should do before you arrive. These include getting in shape, paying your bills, getting a relapse prevention plan, and packing for rehab. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to a new, healthier lifestyle.

Getting in shape before entering rehab:

Before entering rehab, it’s helpful to start working out and developing healthy habits. A regular workout schedule will not only keep you in shape, but it can also help you avoid stress, improve your mood, and avoid relapse. While most rehab centers have a gym, some have yoga studios, swimming pools, and other fitness facilities. You can stay active while in rehab and try new workouts.

Paying bills before entering rehab:

If you’re considering entering rehab, paying bills before the start of treatment can save you time and stress once you’re in treatment. Especially if you’re behind on bills, paying them before you enter rehab will help you avoid late payments. Make a list of all your expected bills and note the due dates. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your bills will be paid when needed.

Getting a relapse prevention plan:

Getting a relapse prevention plan is crucial to stay sober. A relapse prevention plan can be a workbook or written document. It will outline how you plan to stay sober and what triggers you might encounter. The more comprehensive the plan, the more helpful it is. It can also include healthy lifestyle strategies and communication ideas with family members.

Packing for rehab:

Packing for rehab can be difficult but not impossible. Carefully consider the policies of the rehab center and bring only the items allowed inside. Some centers have packing checklists that help determine the right items to pack. If you need a checklist, visit the rehab center’s website and ask for it.

Having someone care for your home and pets while you are in rehab:

Having someone care for your home and pets while in rehab has various benefits. It eases stress on family members and pets and increases the chances of completing a program. If you cannot leave your pets at home while in rehab, you may consider hiring a boarding facility or a pet sitter.

Another option for letting someone care for your home and pets is to ask friends and family to help you take care of them while in rehab. It is best if these individuals have a passion for animals and would be willing to provide care and attention to your pets.

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