Key Requirements For Marriage Certificate Attestation In The UAE

Key Requirements For Marriage Certificate Attestation In The UAE


Marriage certificate attestation is a crucial process for individuals planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ensuring that the marriage certificate meets the specific requirements set by UAE authorities is essential for a smooth and successful attestation process. Here, we outline the key requirements for marriage certificate attestation in the UAE. Find here the best marriage certificate attestation service.

Original marriage certificate:

The primary requirement for marriage certificate attestation is the submission of the original marriage certificate issued by the competent authorities in the home country. Photocopies or notarized copies are generally not accepted for attestation. The original certificate should include all relevant details, such as the names of the spouses, date and place of marriage, and the official seal.

Notary public attestation:

The first step in the attestation process is notary public attestation. The marriage certificate must be attested by a local notary public in the home country. This step confirms the authenticity of the document and the signature of the issuing authority.

State home department authentication:

After notary public attestation, the marriage certificate needs to be authenticated by the home department of the issuing state. This step involves verifying the notary public’s attestation and ensuring that the document meets the state’s authentication requirements.

UAE embassy or consulate attestation:

The final stage of the attestation process involves the marriage certificate being attested by the UAE embassy or consulate in the home country. This step is crucial for the document’s acceptance in the UAE. The embassy or consulate verifies the MEA attestation and adds its own authentication, confirming the document’s legality for use in the UAE.

English translation (if applicable):

If the original marriage certificate is not in English or Arabic, a translated version of the document may be required. The translation should be done by a certified translator and should accompany the original document during the attestation process. Some authorities may also require the translation to be notarized.

Proper documentation for spouse’s visa application:

For individuals attesting their marriage certificate for the purpose of a spouse’s visa application in the UAE, it’s crucial to have all necessary supporting documents in order. This may include a copy of the sponsor’s passport, visa application forms, photographs, and any additional documents required by UAE immigration authorities.

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