Choosing Identity And Access Management Software: How To

Choosing Identity And Access Management Software: How To

Identity and access management software helps companies protect their system from unauthorized access or misuse by only allowing authorized users to access specific company system data. However, when it comes to selecting this software for your business, there are various things you must consider. We will talk about these factors below.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on software is an efficient way to simplify the creation and management of identities and access credentials. It helps improve security and reduce the time spent on password resets, username fatigue and lost productivity. It also makes it easier to control password complexity and multi-factor authentication, enabling administrators to relinquish user login privileges quickly.

Granular permissions

Granular permissions in identity and access management (IAM) software are controls that define exactly what a user can access. This feature is ideal for organizations that require workers to work from a remote location. The concept is fairly simple. Different levels of access are given to different types of users. For example, an admin might have different access levels based on their role. One role may be limited to file access, while another may have administrative rights to an entire server. Granular access control allows IT to assign the right level of access to each user class.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows are a vital component of identity and access management solutions. They help organizations manage digital identities and ensure that only authorized users can access the necessary resources. By establishing and maintaining separate accounts for all company employees, contractors, and third-party vendors, you can protect your network from threats and ensure the highest level of security for your information.

The first step in automating an IAM workflow is determining which workflows you need to automate. Using IDHub is an example of a node-based workflow system that relies on state-based nodes to perform complex actions. Users can configure IDHub to move from one workflow state to the next, triggering different types of actions in the process. The solution includes a wide range of predefined nodes and API capabilities that allow for custom nodes.


Costs for identity and access management software vary, depending on the features and functionality required. Vendors usually charge a monthly subscription based on the number of users, although some allow custom pricing options. In addition, some vendors offer unbundled pricing options, which allow you to purchase individual functionalities. Most vendors also offer a free trial period.

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